Empowering Health Care
Empowering Skills Development
Empowering Opportunity

The Experience to Empower

iEmpowement enables local people to collect the data to empower their community

iEmpowerment enables local communties educate and train for the future.

IEmpowerment is in the business of empowering people in rural Africa by transferring skills to them that enable them to acquire, manage and administer programs for their communities which also ensure, thru the skills learned, that the value stays with them, is sustainable and grows. Read More

Data Collection

Remote data collection necessary for everything from Agriculture Management to Health Care

iEmpowerment University

On-line Courses and Accreditation

Educational Content

Health-Care, Sanitation, Argriculture, Education, Entrepreneurialism

The Experience to Empower

Free Educattion Content For The Local Communities

  • General Education
  • Childrens Education
  • Santition
  • Argriculture
  • Entrepreneurism

Content and local web services (running on local PC's - no internet requirement) delivered on USB memory sticks

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