IEmpowerment has a library of skills development courses, many of which lead to accreditation and a diploma. These range from entrepreneurialism and selling to bicycle maintenance and dental hygiene. The courses and curriculum will be continuously added to. The courses are free. These courses are in addition to the skills development education which is contained on the iEmpowerment usb memory sticks within the Business and Job Skills section.

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The complete course list is at iEmpowerment University. The following are examples only


The course material is in the DOWNLOADS section of the iEmpowerment University web site

  • IEmpowerment Entrepreneur a course on raising money using the latest selling techniques.
  • webstite.
  • All referenced downloads are on the Courses section of iEmpowermnet University website

  • A. Downloads:
    • I. IEmpowerment
    • II. IEmpowerment Entrepreneur Overview
    • III. Skills Empowerment Centre
    • IV. DMCS User Guide
    • V. IEmpowerment Entrepreneur Selling

    B. The Link to take the accreditation exam is:
  • ADP - B4H - Karamoja Training Manual is a complete teacher's guide to cycling from the safety aspects to care and maintenance of bicycles.
  • A. Downloads:
    • I. ADP-B4H-Karamoja Training Manual

  • B4H Collection Process. This is a complete manual on how to start a grass roots Bicycles for Humanity chapter, do bicycle collections, package the bicycles and deliver them to Africa.
  • A. Downloads:
    • I. B4H Collection Process manual
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Complete course lists are at iEmpowerment University[link]. Check there often to see the new material