Benefits - Resource Companies

Today, your Corporate Social Responsibility Program can represent over 50% of the value of your company. Many investors, before making a buy decision, look closely at your CSR program and then at the geology and potential of your resource.

CSR programs must be cost efficient, have the support of local community leaders and leave a lasting legacy. Local leaders and community members are critical to your success as they are instrumental in whether or not your program is approved and how quickly.

Most resource companies approach CSR with good intentions, but struggle with exactly what is needed for a CSR and what they can afford to invest. IEmpowerment has developed and proven a technology product approach to education, healthcare and skills training that is quickly accepted by the local people.

  • Low cost
  • Is proven and quickly gains acceptance by the local community
  • Can be operationalized immediately
  • Is eminently scalable as your operation expends
  • Does not require you to do extensive research and planning to get a program off the ground
  • Skills development leading to more productive local employment

Benefits - Foundations

Today foundations must use their funding wisely and be able to show quantifiable results. The days of simply handing money over to NGO's which show no quantifiable or sustainable results are quickly coming to an end. Contributors are demanding results for their money.

Effective use of funds meeting wide spread, real needs.

  • Cost Effective
  • Quantifiable results
    • Students taught
    • Agricultural yields
    • Community health worker efficiency
    • Jobs generated
  • Bespoke applications for specific requirements (water, air, etc., etc.) can be added to meet the special focus

Benefits - Local Communities

Create Opportunity and Sustainable Employment implementing and using the iEmpowerment applications and infrastructure.

  • Enhance community IT skills
  • Fuel entrepreneurialism
  • Collect health care data
  • Enable community health care worker effectiveness
  • Make data available to health care professionals
    • Data availability will encourage doctors to come to the community
    • Professionals will identify problems and prescribe treatments from the data
    • Research on data to identify causative factors
  • Manage education progress
  • Track Agricultural experiments and progress
  • Continuous learning (does not require internet)
    • Educate community health care workers
    • Educate community at large
  • Skills development for the resource industry